Monday, December 28, 2009

"The Year in Review- excerpts from 2009"
by John Alexander Madison
December 28, 2009

The mission of the Fourth Estate (the media), from the outset, has been to control the agenda…and our government…and our minds. With the November 2008 elections it is clearer than ever that the Fourth Estate has fulfilled their ambitious 200 year plan. If you agree this is our reality in 2009, the question is “What are YOU going to do about it?” (May 4)

History (along with a bit of common sense) tells us that tax cuts stimulate the economy, due to the very basic reality that when people can keep more of their own money they will have more money to spend. Tax increases, fee increases and a departure from a free market economy to more government control over our lives is a formula for disaster. (May 11)

Every day we have the opportunity to hug our loved ones; to thank the brave men and women of our armed forces for securing our freedoms; to thank the public servants who provide for our personal safety at our local police and fire departments; to take our dog on a walk; to be grateful for our health; and to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. So do not despair. (May 18)

Now is the time for us all to help ensure that elections remain transparent, honest and accurate. If we don’t, the plethora of legislation now being introduced and enacted to liberalize our election processes will continue, to our future regret. That’s when the really big chill will set in. (May 25)

By pointing out that we are a nation of immigrants it is clear that we are different in many ways. But what should bind us together, what “really matters” is that we are Americans first. As American citizens, we are granted and guaranteed certain freedoms, among them being life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. There are a lot of good people out there. Let’s concentrate on them. (June 1)

The fabric of our great nation is being destroyed in a matter of months as surely as the original American Flag by Betsy Ross has deteriorated over the last 233 years. (June 8)

And, believe it or not, the opportunity to return Colorado to an era of personal responsibility, traditional marriage, respect for life, lower taxes and fees, support of a free market economy, and less government interference in our daily lives is only 17 months away, or more precisely 505 days away. But who’s counting? (June 15)

It seems that assimilation is no longer a shared goal of all immigrants. Therein may be the singular reason why many believe our democracy is in danger. (June 22)

… in What’s So Great about America, best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza takes on all of America’s critics and proves them wrong—as perhaps only a writer with an immigrant’s understanding of this country can. He defends not an idealized America, but America as it really is, and measures America not against utopia, but against the rest of the world in a provocative, challenging book.” (June 29)

As Sarah Palin said only yesterday “only dead fish go with the flow.’ So, let’s get out there and do something to restore America to a more realistic vision. Amen. (July 6)

Surely, we can agree with our President in at least one area. “It is time for a change…change we can believe in.” It is time to take back America, beginning in Washington, D.C., then Denver, Colorado. Or, is it already too late? (July 13)

Regarding celebrities and rock stars we glorify and, in some cases, deify them. At the same time we choose to ignore their lifestyles or song lyrics which directly impact the behaviors and future choices of our children. It is high time to redefine qualifications for the celebrity status we confer on so many who, quite simply, do not deserve the honor. (July 20)

My personal response to the very talented Mr. Lennon whose life was cut way too short and the perhaps well-meaning but certainly inexperienced Mr. Obama regarding your shared agenda for socialism in America… no, I cannot IMAGINE that! (July 27)

The fact is we may not agree on all of these issues but it is our civic duty to develop opinions, share our views and reach consensus where possible. (August 3)

Goodbye National Endowment for the Arts! The federal government needs to get out of this business. (August 10)

How about, from this day forward, electing only those…who pledge no new taxes or fees for at least their next term in office; those who pledge to support growing infrastructure and national security needs only through thorough elimination of waste, fraud and abuse in government spending and programs, and not new taxes? (August 17)

A tribute to the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater, its Board and actors…May your future be as bright as the lights on opening night (2011) in the new Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater! (August 24)

…the liberals controlling Congress (Ds and a few Rs) will not consider, in any way shape or form, the inclusion of tort reform in this so-called “comprehensive” national health care program. America has the best health care system in the world but we can all agree it is, at times, somewhat expensive. So how better to lower health care costs than to insist on tort reform. (August 31)

Hope that the downward spiral of our government can be reversed and that the hopes and dreams of every American can be achieved, once again, through opportunity and hard work…not through government handouts. (September 7)

Dick Enberg, normally smooth television tennis commentator, opined after the Williams (U.S. Open) match that the line umpire’s foot fault call was clearly a case of “over officiating.” Really? (September 14)

…with all the talk about a national healthcare program, one which won’t cost us a dime (if you believe that), it seems Americans should do all we can, immediately, to control or lower our health care costs. You’ve just read about 20 ways to do just that. (September 21)

America needs a literate and engaged citizenry, not a dumbed-down, indoctrinated, programmed citizenry and certainly not a citizenry to serve the government. What we need is a united citizenry which will notify the government when it has lost its way. (September 28)

Bonus Question: As ineffective and inexperienced as President Obama has proven to be in only his first nine months in office should he resign, allowing Joe Biden to become President AND, thereafter, should Congress name Nancy Pelosi as our Vice President…placing her one heartbeat from the Presidency? (No, she is close enough already at #3) (October 5)

It might be somewhat embarrassing for the 2009 Novel Peace Prize winner to be acknowledged in the same article as Dr. Norman Borlaug. But I won’t hesitate to do it anyway…As one Ivy League scholar immediately observed the Nobel Peace Prize “has been diminished forever.” Of course, that may have already happened when Jimmy Carter (2002) and Al Gore (2007) were named previous winners. (October 12)

For the November 2010 General election we must nominate and support fiscally conservative/responsible candidates for Congress. We need to elect Americans who believe in preserving individual freedoms; the limited role of government; a strong national defense; traditional family values; the sanctity of human life; local control of our schools; and a free-market economy. (October 19)

You are kidding right? In answering the question “Who Do You Trust?” the choice is Congress or GOD? Well, having 'In God We Trust' on our money AND KEEPING IT THERE sounds like a darn good idea to me. How about you? (October 26)

Let’s not forget that the Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. The Republican Party is the party of once and future greatness…that is IF the Republican Party and its elected leadership return to its core values. (November 2)

The national healthcare legislation being pushed by President Obama is an act of desperation. He is trying to save his presidency, but ironically, it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back…the reason which causes his presidency to fail. That is unless we “kill the bill.” Those words are resonating daily at modern day tea parties throughout the country. Perhaps Mr. Obama has awoken a sleeping giant, the dreaded silent majority. We shall see. (November 9)

Revenues are down for everyone and your local and state governments are no exception. But while you and I cut expenses our government seems more inclined to impose new taxes and fees than cutting expenses. That must change. (November 16)

…it is important to also be thankful for our nation’s leadership, including President Barrack Hussein Obama (D), Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), U.S. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D, NV), Senators Charles Schumer (D, NY) and Christopher Dodd (D, CT) and former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Why? Because these folks and their disciples have, in ten short months, reminded us that socialism has never worked and never will. (November 23)

Let’s face it, beyond remarkable outcomes by our military establishment with ever decreasing resources, our federal government has proven to be incapable of anything more than building an unsustainable bureaucracy and a national deficit beyond our ability to re-pay it…I believe, as did our Founding Fathers, that the role of our federal government is a limited one. (November 30)

In summary, never forget the sacrifices of all Americans who have served in our armed forces and who deserve our support every single day of the year; animal abusers are sick people; and those who abuse the most innocent among us, our children, are sub-human…the scum of the Earth. There, I said it…and I hope you agree. (December 7)

When it’s all said and done….Tiger Woods will be known as the first professional athlete in the world to earn over one billion dollars; he will be known as one of the best golfers ever; and he will be known as a man of bad character, a serial cad. (December 14)

Political correctness is a creation of the liberal left. Attempts by extremist liberals to do away with all references to Christianity offend, by last count, over one billion people worldwide. They can only succeed if we let them. (December 21)

May the New Year bring much health, happiness and prosperity to us all…our families, our friends, our elected leaders, our spiritual leaders, and also those with whom we may disagree…and lets work together to make this great nation an even better place to live.

Happy New Year 2010!

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