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The Health Care bill has passed. What have they done? The Democrats have engaged in a constitutional and bipartisan breach of faith. They have demeaned their oath of office with bribery and corruption, with gross and subtle deceits. They have defied the American will. Is there no shame? No, none at all. Senator Harkin said of bribery; it is “Small Stuff;” it is the big picture, he tells us, that counts.[1] Senator Harry Reid said that special treatment (to those who cooperate) is what legislation is all about.

The Democrat House and Senate have passed a bill virtually no one has read. Democrats voting Yea, who approve or are ignorant of its despotic language and intent, know full well they are voting against an American majority, and know full well the damage they will do to the economy, to American freedoms, to this Republic and her Constitution. The President and Democrats in the House and Senate do not believe a word of the deficit-neutral propaganda they have pitched for a year. In fact, they know that the Bill will run enormous deficits as it careens toward bankruptcy. Democrats have said not a word to explain how this Bill will lower health care costs and avoid deficits when the Democrats previous health care interventions, Medicare and Medicaid, are running obscene deficits as they teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.

The Bill is not and will never be deficit neutral. It will not lower the cost of health care. Because Democrats will plunder 400 billion dollars from Medicare, rationing for the elderly is inevitable. The President knows this will be the outcome. Even so, he will sign the Bill. Why not? This is, after all, not about Health Care; it is about the President—a President who has already broken every promise solemnly made to induce Americans to entrust him with the Presidency.

Statutes enacted in medieval English Parliaments contained unlawful and laughable language that sought to enjoin future generations of Parliament from amending or repealing these statutes. The Democrats intend to revive this medieval outlawry.

“Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) pointed out some rather astounding language in the Senate health care bill during floor remarks tonight…. he pointed out that the Reid bill declares on page 1020 that the Independent Medicare Advisory Board cannot be repealed by future Congresses.[2]

What have they done? The Democrats alone have magnified the insensate power of a nearly bankrupt, Welfare State. They have imposed taxes on middle class Americans they cannot, should not and will not tolerate. They have engaged in sophist language to disguise the Bill’s unconscionable impact on American privacy and wealth, property and freedoms.

Americans who despise duplicity hate this bill. They realize they are the targets of its consumptive reach. No one really knows the full measure of the damage it will cause; for how many have read or understand the two thousand pages of its tortuous language, language intended not to inform but to obfuscate? And who will write or read its ten thousand pages of invasive regulations?

Democrats have provoked American anger; they have answered their anger with contempt. There is no need to repeat the defamatory language they have hurled at conservative Americans. We know it too well. Still, Democrats face a grave political crisis. The crisis is that steadily over time the “…truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long;… but at length the truth will out.”[3]

It is true that Americans are wrathful. But they will express their wrath quietly and with telling force, as is their right, when next they meet at the polls.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! A special Merry Christmas to Jeff Crank for his unflagging efforts to restore democracy and Constitutional government to this great America. Merry Christmas to my colleagues who write their weekly columns. And as Tiny Tim would say,

God bless us everyone.

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