Monday, December 21, 2009

“Merry Christmas”

by John Alexander Madison
December 21, 2009

In order to be 100% politically correct this winter holiday season I send my best wishes to you and your families for a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. There I said it: MERRY CHRISTMAS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Shout it from the roofs tops as we celebrate the birth of Jesus across this great Christian nation and most countries around the world.

A Christian nation? It seems all too many people are asking nowadays “Is America a Christian nation?” Let there be no doubt about it…America is a Christian nation and anyone with just the slightest bit of intellectual honesty will agree.

That is not to say secular progressives, radical left-wing liberals, atheists (those who reject the idea that deities exist), and others are trying to change that. But it is indisputable; our great nation was founded on Christian principles which are quite clear after only the briefest exposure to the Bible, our Constitution, and our Founding Fathers.

Is America a Christian Nation? Many people, today, don't think so. The truth is, however, that our great nation was founded on principles that are found all throughout the Bible. Author and historian David Barton highlights our Christian heritage in an ‘eye opening message’ at In Touch Ministries Online. Check out his presentation at It is well worth a listen.

When speaking of our Founding Fathers many refer to the signers of the three primary, foundational documents of the United States of America: The Declaration of Independence (1776), the Articles of Confederation (ratified in 1781), and the Constitution of the United States (1789). There were 118 different signers of these documents, some of whom signed more than one of these documents.

Others who may be considered “founding fathers” are those who attended the Constitutional Convention of 1787, those who served as Senators in the First Federal Congress (1789-1791), and those who served as Representatives in the First Federal Congress.

One source ( lists 175 Founding Fathers with their religious affiliations as follows: 88 Episcopalian/Anglican; 30 Presbyterian; 27 Congregationalists; and 30 others as Quakers, Dutch or German Reformed, Lutheran, Catholic, Huguenot, Unitarian, Methodist, and Calvinist. That looks like a lot of Christians to me.

Christianity is a set of beliefs, a way of life, and a community of people. Those who wish to celebrate Christmas will do so. However, Christians and non-Christians alike not going to work on December 25 are off due to it being Christmas. Schools are closed on December 25 because it is Christmas. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it will always be, the birth of Jesus is celebrated on December 25. No government can take that away from Christians.

Of course, many school districts across America refuse to acknowledge our nation’s Christian heritage or the fact that they have a Christmas holiday before and after December 25. They prefer to call it a winter holiday. But they are not fooling anyone, are they? They cannot take the celebration of Christmas away from Christians. Their actions are nothing more than political correctness gone awry.

Political correctness is a creation of the liberal left. Attempts by extremist liberals to do away with all references to Christianity offend, by last count, over one billion people worldwide. They can only succeed if we let them.

We’ve all seen the inscription on many crosses “INRI.” That is an acronym of the Latin inscription:

IESVS•NAZARENVS•REX•IVDÆORVM (Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Judaeorum), which translates in English as "Jesus the Nazarene (or Jesus of Nazareth), King of the Jews."

Merry Christmas TO ALL…and to all a good night!

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