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Since the tinsel efflorescence of last year’s election, Republicans, those who remain in office, seldom speak to the now quaint and threadbare idea of lower taxes, reduced deficits, smaller Government, conservative virtue and faith in the plain words of an American Constitution. In a destructive departure from conservative principle, it is now pragmatism, so called, that fires the engine of American politics. “Getting along” is more profitable than revolution.

Republicans need to change. And they need to change now. However, in the New York race between Dede Scozzafava, Doug Hoffman, and Bill Owens the Republican National Committee [RNC], rejected the conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, endorsed “moderate” Republican Dede Scozzafava and gave her about a million dollars in campaign funds. The “moderate” Scozzafava withdrew from the race, stiffed the conservative Doug Hoffman and endorsed the liberal Democrat Bill Owens. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich criticized Tea Party conservatives, who in their support of Doug Hoffman simply expressed their conservative beliefs. The Speaker has since admitted that his endorsement of Dede Scozzafava was a mistake. A mistake indeed, a million dollars of Republican money contributed to the campaign victory of a liberal Democrat.

The Speaker, in his pragmatic approach to his endorsement of a Republican candidate, characterized Ms. Scozzafava as a moderate. His characterization, however, works as great a violence to the truth as it does to the plain meaning of words. In fact, Ms. Scozzafava is a liberal who favors Union Card Check, citizen financing of abortion on demand, homosexual marriage and the failed, thoroughly corrupt Democrat “Stimulus” Bill. The Scozzafava debacle should remind conservatives that while getting along may well reserve a politician’s place at the pork trough, it will not restore the American Republic to its former freedoms and liberties. It will not free America from nation-destroying deficits. It will not deter the O’bama Administration from its dismantlement of a Constitutional Republic.

Again, in the last election, Republicans fielded a candidate, Senator John McCain, who began the celebration of his candidacy in a joint effort with the late and leftist Senator Kennedy to grant blanket amnesty to unidentified millions of illegal aliens—including murderous and sophisticated criminals, who in their search for the American Dream set up drug and ransom gangs in most major U.S. cities. Senator McCain takes pride in getting along, a practice that availed the former President Bush the Left’s breathtaking and undying malice, a virtue so called that caused the implosion of the Republican party even as it ushered in a Democrat President, Senate and House of Representatives. If this is pragmatism, it is also betrayal.

Whatever happened to the Republican Revolution? Well, since the “Catastrophe” Republicans have gathered by the river there to divine by sacrifice and incantation, by Delphic queries and exhortation, the mysterious cause of their angelic fall from light unto darkness. Nevertheless, we still hear talk about getting along, these Republicans who, during the eight years of the Bush Administration, revealed an avarice nearly as incandescent as the avarice of Democrats. It is not necessary to count the thousands of earmarks or conservative covenants betrayed, to realize that Republicans are no longer a voice for conservative change. What happened to the Revolution? It starved to death. Revolutions are not nourished by getting along. Revolutions are born from guts and nourished by conviction.

Republicans, during the Bush years, supported actively or by default an increasingly invasive Federal Government whose powers and confiscatory appetite have burgeoned even as its insatiate borrowing from China, Japan and other nations has exposed this country to the specter of shameful bankruptcy. All in all, conservatives have seen in the last eight years of Republican and Democrat rule, the evolution of greed, the metastasis of predatory Government, and upon the election of a Democrat Presidency, the massive public payoff of constituencies, the launching of a corrupt stimulus bill, the appointment of fanatic Czars, the mindless accumulation of debt and the slow-motion collapse of the American dollar.

Now with Democrats in power Americans will see emplaced in the Supreme Court, and Federal Courts, rogue judges who will legislate in ideological contempt of the Constitution’s primal mandate: to prevent by a balance and separation of powers the imposition of a despotic state. The President has appointed Czars who idealize cop killers and Karl Marx, who would teach children the lethal strategies of Mao Se Tung, who believe that Government should take unto itself the power to compel abortions and harvest human organs, and a fanatic O’bama appointee, gay activist Kevin Jennings, who as I write, is inviting adolescent children to accept, participate, and enjoy such sexually dangerous and deviate practices as “Fisting.”[1]

Conservatives in the Wilderness should ask Republicans a few questions. Republicans should answer or face the next election at their peril. What weight should we give your words? What have you done with eight years of the pragmatic exercise of power when if you had legislated from conservative principles you could have tied and bound this bulimic Government to the restraints of its Constitution? Have you held the bridge, even if laid low by the fist of indefatigable Leviathan? In defeat, do you still claim that you have been our champions, that in the years before the Wilderness you fought and lost the good fight— that you stand with us now head held high, bloody and unbowed? Give us a break. Tell us instead; do you have the guts and conviction to back our country from the abyss to which, in a nearly carnal embrace of Democrats, you have pushed her?

It is not that Republicans have lost their way; it is that they have lost sight of the genesis of moral power. It is not enough to seek political harmony by compromise. Political harmony will not preserve this America from the fate it is realizing even now at the hands of a degenerate Democrat Administration.

Here is an American champion. In the 1940s, Whittaker Chambers, repudiated his Communist past and testified to the fact that Communists had infiltrated the highest levels of American Government. He identified Communists Alger Hist who participated in the drafting of portions of the agreements reached at Yalta and Henry Dexter White, then Assistant Secretary of Treasury. Both Hist and White had handed over to a Communist apparatus, information marked secret and confidential. For years Chambers faced the caustic hatred and libel of a liberal press, particularly the New York Times and The Washington Post, who were determined to see as a means to the impeachment of Chamber’s testimony, the impeachment of his life, and the smearing of his reputation. It was the Post and the Times that urged in their editorials that Alger Hist sue Chambers for libel. Hist’s libel suit was dismissed with prejudice as Hist was convicted and imprisoned in a criminal prosecution for the commission of felony perjury. Hist, supported press rumors by implying before television cameras the falsehood that Chambers had several times been committed to a mental institution. False rumors were also spread that Chambers was a chronic drunk. There were other infamies. Chambers, however, would not back off. Where then did he find the moral courage to prevail? He wrote that its source lies “… [in] the power to hold convictions and to act upon them to the limit of life itself.”[2]

Conservatives have seen in a single year of the O’bama Administration the appointment of ideologues who have never met a parole, read an old book or worked honest calluses into their palms? Nevertheless, they have taken the gloves off with the American people. A groundswell of Americans for good reason detest the proposed health care plan and believe that global warming is as much a farce and scandal as the eighties warning, from the same strain of “activist scientists,” that the earth was on the brink of a new ice age.

The O’bama Administration intends to have its way with Americans. Of course, the iron fist wears a velvet glove. We hear in elegantly forged words, and poetic allusions to mystical visions, the promise of a free and liberating Utopia— as free and liberating, as it is false and malignant. Against this Republicans must take up again the gauntlet. If you would be our champions you must excise from Government the impact of the dead philosophies of nihilism, cultural relativism, tribalism— and a liberal fascism imposed on Americans by the Ax and whipping Rods of the Politically Correct. You must take in both hands, grasp and dismantle the fraudulent edifice and excess of the welfare state. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, you must bind again and forever, in the chains of an American Constitution, a now truly dangerous Government.

What finally, is the most important question? I believe it is this: What is the legacy we will bequeath the generations of our children, all children and therefore the world? In a half-century hence, when we are long done with legacies, what will our children say and think of us? Will America be to children just a word, nearly but not quite sacred, a word redolent of freedom’s image, much as a dried rose, in its scent and in the grace of its petals, is redolent of its once vibrant beauty? Or will they embrace in mind and heart again, our dream of America, a fragile dream yes, but a dream sweet with freedom and dignity. Will they say her name again in wonder and recall her history, courageous and hopeful? Will they say of us, in gratitude and happiness, that we held America sacred and in trust first and always for our children and all children? Will they believe as we believe that America is or should be an inspiration to everyone— and most of all to those who desperately need, ask and are graced by her sanctuary.

America’s fate, our fate, our children’s fate depends as it has always upon the power of a common credo, the depth and meter of a good, common and reverent heart, upon a still great and exceptional people. For this, and our children who are worth any sacrifice, we are forever grateful. But what will be our American legacy? It certainly will not be a legacy realized by getting along. The pragmatist’s legacy is already in its death throes. No, the American legacy resides in the human “… power to hold convictions and to act upon them to the limit of life itself.”

What say you Republicans?

[1] Safe schools' chief [Kevin Jennings, an O’bama Appointee] recommends child porn for classroom reading. 'Sex acts between preschoolers' [including Fisting] among subjects of books backed by openly 'gay' activist Kevin JenningsBy Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily, Dec.4, 2009.

[2]Whittaker Chambers, WITNESS (Rignery Publishing,1952)

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