Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Man For All Seasons
The Lone Front Ranger

Following is an excerpt from a play I read in college, A Man For All Seasons. It was one of my favorites and this scene has always stuck with me for some reason, and I recall it now. The scene is between two of the main characters, Rich and More, talking about every man having his price. I have edited it for brevity:

RICH: But every man has his price!

MORE: No-no-no-

RICH: But yes! In money too.

MORE: No no no.

RICH: Or pleasure. Titles, women, bricks-and-mortar, there's always something.

MORE: Childish.

RICH: Well, in suffering, certainly.

MORE: Buy a man with suffering?

RICH: Impose suffering, and offer him escape.

MORE: Oh. For a moment I thought you were being profound.

RICH: No, not a bit profound; it then becomes a purely practical question of how to make him suffer sufficiently.

I have reflected on this scene as we have endured the months since the Obama Administration began inflicting suffering on the citizens of the United States. Could he be trying to impose suffering and offer escape as an incentive? Could he be trying to make life so difficult that we will believe that the only option is to let Obama take over larger and larger portions of our life and our freedom, so that he will deliver us from the misery and suffering? But how would he cause us to suffer sufficiently?

At this risk of sounding conspiratorial, every step taken by this administration to “fix” something - the banking system, the health care industry, the tax code, the “stimulus” package, the environment, etc. – appears designed to send our economy into a downward spiral. There is no evidence that any of these steps taken or about to be taken, will help the economy. None.

Can we really believe that the Obama Administration has that much better judgment and experience than all past administrations, and can actually make a government program that is not a colossal waste of money and a thief of liberty? Of course not.

And they know that. They know they cannot produce a government program that works, one that makes the situation any better for the taxpayers, one that provides better service than the private sector, or one that actually fixes any problems. Government programs always make problems worse, and the Obama Administration knows that.

So the only possible conclusion is that they are building a government so oppressive, that only THEY can save us from THEM. To impose suffering and offer escape. Then the last line of the scene, “it then becomes a purely practical question of how to make him suffer sufficiently.” How far are we willing to go?

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