Wednesday, November 11, 2009


By Robert Harkins

In a coward’s act of homegrown terrorism, Jihadist Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, traitor to his country and comrades, a fanatic and terrorist, shot and killed thirteen American soldiers, and maimed another 31 at Ft. Hood, Texas. The killing commenced to Hasan’s vulgar scream of Alahu Ackbar. Hasan’s betrayal of country, his comrades in arms and as a soldier, his solemn, sworn oath to defend his country recalls to Americans other Muslim-American ideological killers: Sgt. Hasan Akbar, an American Muslim soldier who tossed a grenade into his commanding officer’s tent killing him, another soldier, and wounding 14 American soldiers; and, in Arkansas, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, an African American convert to Islam, who gunned down two soldiers at a recruitment center, maiming one and killing the other.

The terrorists killed to a common theme: The killers were Muslim. Their targets for murder were American soldiers. Their murders were in harmony with Islamic fundamentalism. Their moral credo was Jihad, their tactic murder, their killings merciless and the lives of Americans of utter inconsequence. Of course all are traitors to their country, to their faith, and to Muslim-American soldiers who serve their country with courage, dignity and honor.

The FBI and the U.S. Military knew that Hasan was a fanatic, that he had sought contact with Al Quaida terrorists, that he corresponded copiously with Imams who loathe Americans, and that he embraced a tactical approach to war, harmonious with the tenets of his religious credo. Hasan believed, in a corruption of the tenets of his Muslim faith, that the slaughter of American soldiers is a morally imperative response to America’s military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. With this incendiary information in hand, neither the military nor the FBI did anything at all to prevent the carnage. Sound familiar? Remember 9/11? Requiescat in Pacem.

In words politically correct and misleading the American President, his polemical sails turned full into the wind, warned Americans not to “…jump to conclusions.” He then created out of the philosophical ether a new and lyrical moral reality, one peopled by killers who do not plan and carefully slaughter American soldiers, but on occasion merely “flip out,” killers perhaps, but killers misunderstood, victims really if one considers “root causes,” innocents in fact compelled against their moral will to the slaughter of Americans because the stress and inconvenience of war have inflicted post traumatic stress syndrome.

In their supercilious embracement of politically correct doublespeak, the President, at least one U.S. Senator and a half dozen or more media babbling heads, offered hair-brained theories that beggar speaking in tongues and alien kidnappings— all to prove that there is no evidence that Hasan’s immolation of American soldiers was yet another terrorist attack on American soil, on Americans and on the principles of our Republic and Constitution.

The President characterized the slaughter of soldiers, at a military base, the slaughter of soldiers preparing to embark for a war zone as "an act of violence that would have been heartbreaking had it occurred any place in America…. it's all the more heartbreaking and all the more despicable because of the place where it occurred and the patriots who were its victims." That the President chose to censor from his speech the words “terrorist” “soldier” or “military base” exposes the lethal ideology of political correctness that permeates the government, media and military, a view which contributed to the ease by which Hasan was able to plan and execute his slaughter of American soldiers.

The President, however, merely by deleting from his speech any word that remotely refers to American soldiers and the war, cannot alter the fact that the slaughter and maiming of over forty soldiers embarking from a military base for Afghanistan, soldiers trained for operations in that country, warriors, in fact, set upon war, is not just anywhereis not just anyone— or any placeor any patriot. Hasan, an American traitor and homegrown Jihadist, severely damaged the American war effort, provided aid and comfort to the enemy, to the Taliban and to other terrorists. He has served up an morbid spectacle of betrayal that will be, precisely because it is a betrayal of Americans, a cause for delight and dancing in the streets wherever Islamic terrorists, their sponsors and fans, gather to plot or celebrate their indiscriminate slaughter of helpless and innocent human beings.

In fact, Hasan, in this the second terrorist attack on American soil, has bestowed upon an implacable American enemy another propaganda victory. Terrorists everywhere will unwind the old refrain of American hatred with a new and bloody grist. They will say that America is decadent and weak; that Americans cannot protect their soldiers against the might of Islam even in the sanctity of their well-fortified military bases; that American security knew Hasan was a formidable warrior, were afraid, timid, and so did nothing. Why the military even ordered their soldiers go about unarmed; and even the American President lacks the fortitude to describe what is plainly before his eyes. How then can we fail to prevail with heroes such as Hasan against the Great Satan America, we who love death more than Americans love life.

Why then did Hasan murder or maim American soldiers? The question provoked a journalistic descent into patent absurdities, anything, actually, other then to marshal the evidence and explore the probability that, in fact, Hasan is a terrorist with as much contempt for innocent human life as the 19 Saudi killers of thousands who flew jet planes into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers and immolated the lives of thousands of innocent men and women. From the Left not outrage, but sensitive, drug store psychoanalysis, anything but a discussion of the facts. The very word terrorist, as we all know, is politically forbidden by the mandate of a political correct heaven. Even to utter the word in today’s Orwellian labyrinth is to be instantly guilty of ambiguous moral crimes. Indeed, the President has defined terrorism out of existence by use of the pathetic expression “Overseas Contingency Operation.” From the Left an empirical evaluation of the evidence is neither necessary nor permitted. Instead, we are admonished to meditate deeply upon the root causes of violence, for there certainly, somewhere in the abyss of narcissist guilt, and self-hatred, Americans will divine a reason to blame themselves for Hasan’s “flipping out”.

Accordingly, talking heads wonder whether Hasan’s massacre of his unarmed comrades and friends, was the consequence of American racial insensitivity? Is there not a rumor somewhere that someone, unnamed and unidentified, called Hasan a name offensive to Muslims? Besides which, Hasan could have been suffering from posttraumatic syndrome. After all he probably was frustrated that his efforts to buy his way out of his obligations to country and the military came to nothing. Well, they do not know how, but journalists nevertheless have reached a consensus: Hasan simply “flipped out,” this a slang expression that conveys precisely the same quanta of evidence as the slang term, “Whatever!”

In an ingratiating peon to the ideology of political correctness Senator Lindsey Graham, peddling the propaganda that Hasan was theoretically the victim of posttraumatic stress syndrome, extricated Hasan from any connection whatever, to his nationality, religion, to the military, to the war, to similar murders of other home grown terrorist killers or to the fact of Islamic terrorism. If Hasan’s murder of Americans soldiers is as Senator Graham has described it, then it no more relevant to terrorist murders then a punk stickup at a convenience store in Peoria.

That Senator Graham and the media could suggest with a straight face that Hasan’s slaughter of American soldiers was caused by posttraumatic stress syndrome demonstrates willful deception or towering ignorance. The diagnosis, relatively new in Medical literature, requires that the victim be suffering from the A. An actual occurrence of B. A life threatening event and C. that actually happened in the past. In fact, the experience of real post-traumatic stress disorder so disrupts mental functioning, the victim is simply unable to meet his daily needs or perform the most basic tasks.[1]. Hasan, however, has never heard a shot fired in anger. The critical past life threatening event never happened. In fact, the evidence is undisputed that Hasan is a cheer leader for terrorists provided they are terrorists who kill Americans— or as in Israel, who strap massive explosives infused with ball bearings to their body, heroically seek the close presence of school children, preferably school busses or school yards and blow themselves apart.

While the victim of posttraumatic stress syndrome is unable to manage the most simple of daily tasks, Hasan carefully planned the slaughter of American soldiers. “Nidal Malik Hasan some time ago told his landlord he would not be renewing the lease on his apartment. He gave away his furniture along with copies of the Qur’an on the morning of the day he committed mass murder. This indicates that he thought he was going to die – in other words, that he was planning a suicide attack. As he began firing, he shouted ‘Allahu Akbar.’”[2]

The undisputed evidence is that Hasan planned the murder of his countrymen with intellectual precision and sound military planning. He perfected a strategy calculated to kill as many American soldiers as possible. He carried enough ammunition to kill or wound forty soldiers or more. He decided to carry two semi-automatic handguns, a part of the plan that suggests he took pains to insure that he would be able to kill or maim, as he did kill and maim savagely, the greatest possible number of American soldiers.

Hasan chose a place where he knew that Americans soldiers were prohibited from carrying weapons and would therefore be defenseless. He was an excellent and practiced marksman. He aimed carefully and murdered his unarmed victims with an easy precision. Victims at the scene recall that he fired his weapons steadily and with care. He did not panic; indeed, he remained remarkably cool under fire. On taking shots from Officer Kimberly Munley, he efficiently returned fire, severely wounding her in the legs. Finally Sergeant Mike Todd delivered the round that brought him down. Still, Hasan’s kill, carefully wrought and expertly executed probably exceeded his fondest expectations. And Hasan is doing well; he has already lawyered up.

An objective evaluation of the evidence suggests that Hasan, a Muslim killer of Americans, was motivated by a religiously inspired hatred and bigotry toward Americans that is precisely the same in its feral ugliness as the religious hatred and bigotry that motivated nineteen Muslims to hijack planes, fly them into the Pentagon, the Twin Towers and immolate the lives of more than three thousand innocent people.

It is not all Americans who are jumping to conclusions. It is the “politically correct.” The term sounds almost benign. However, it originated with the reign of Stalin, a beast who after Mao Se Tung was the most prolific murderer of the twentieth century. To be politically correct the Russian citizen was compelled to embrace an image of the world and a construction of the truth precisely as Stalin defined it. Failure to embrace Stalinesque reality, however evil and fantastic, meant death, the gulag, or both. Political correctness is an ideological disease calculated to compel people, on pain of ostracism, ridicule, defamation, libel, or worse, to the acceptance of falsehoods and propaganda. There is no honor or dignity in surrendering the human capacity to reason to the dictates of the politically correct, a species of fascism, and a destroyer of human freedoms: the right and obligation to think and to speak one’s mind.

Our soldiers died from an act of terrorism and betrayal. This act of terrorism happened on the President’s watch. And all the well-tailored words in the English language, and all the most finely metered prose mellifluously recited, will not alter or erase, now or ever, the truth of the infamy at Ft. Hood.

What do you think?

[1] Babette Rothchiled, MSW, LCSW, Member: International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS)National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

[2] James Glover Front Page Magazine, November 10, 2009.

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