Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Day 2009 Winners and Losers! (national)

Election Day Winners and Losers

What a night! Does anyone else feel excited to be a conservative right now?! Last night’s results mean a lot both here and across the nation, and there were a lot of winners and losers last night. I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the less obvious winners and losers (i.e.-not the people who won or lost races last night). Agree with my take? Disagree? Feel free to comment and discuss!


Michael Steele: The Chair of the RNC got off to a rough start, but by hunkering down and raising tons of money; he was able to drop millions into all of the competitive races. Now he’s got another few notches in his credibility belt and has shown that he can deliver some much needed victories. But will what happened in NY 23 still take some people down at the RNC?

The Republican Party: At the beginning of the year many were writing the Republican Party’s obituary. They needed a shot in the arm. They got it.

Third Party Candidates: The candidates who typically never receive a first look became relevant as they capitalized on the failings of the two major parties. As such, they were in a real position to affect the outcomes of major races.

The Grass-roots Conservative Movement: Despite the fact that Hoffman lost, the Tea-Party element and other conservative groups are emboldened to make runs for office. Whether they can be successful in other areas remain to be seen, but that doesn’t matter today. They’re a power to be reckoned with.


Newt Gingrich: Gingrich supported Scozzafava on the basis that it was important to accept moderate Republicans to build a big tent. Many questioned Gingrich’s judgment, but he stood firm. Then Scozzafava dropped out and kicked dirt in everyone’s face by endorsing the Democrat. I’m sure Gingrich really appreciates that!

Closed Door King Maker Meetings: Republicans like having a say over the direction of their party, and when they didn’t get that say in NY 23, they rebelled. And as the debate raged over the news networks over whether the party was lurching too far to the right by ditching Scozzafava, the fact that she was selected as the nominee by eleven people in a private meeting came up again and again. That’s horrible press for party leaders.

Government Run Health Care: There’s no way that the Democrats in swing or red districts watched the results last night and thought that blindly supporting the left wing agenda that the President is pushing is going to help them next year. This fight just got a lot harder for the President.

The Club for Growth: Over the last few cycles, the CFG has earned the reputation of costing Republicans seats. They had a fantastic opportunity to earn some much needed credibility last night through what was viewed as an almost certain win for Hoffman. But that win didn’t materialize and now they have another loss to hang their hat on.

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