Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scott McInnis and his D.C. Mentality

by The Lone Front Ranger

Gubernatorial Candidate Scott McInnis is in favor of the expansion of the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. That sounds like a very pro-military position, doesn’t it? Most of us in Colorado are proudly pro-military. But at what cost?

Congressman McInnis says this is about “jobs, jobs, jobs”, but he is putting himself in charge of picking winners and losers. Who determines that a military job is more important than a rancher’s job? A true conservative would let the market decide, and not use the force of the Federal Government to anoint one over the other. But the Congressman is not a true Conservative.

Instead, he travels the state of Colorado using a “cow-camp” as a prop to prove his rural roots, while throwing farmers and ranchers under the bus. McInnis is saying that to oppose expansion is to oppose the military. That is an insult to all military-loving people who also understand that our military protects, among other rights, our right to our private property.

Congressman McInnis’s position has even caused the Piñon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition (PCEOC), a non-partisan organization, to oppose his candidacy. His Washington D.C. mentality goes against the western philosophy of less government intervention, less government intrusion, and less government influence.

McInnis has said that the Federal Government is not talking about condemning property in order to expand Piñon Canyon. But they have used condemnation in the past to acquire property. Then, on July 30, at an Armed Services Committee hearing, Secretary of the Army John McHugh would not comment on whether expansion would proceed “not using eminent domain”. McHugh didn’t answer, “under the rubric of not wanting to make a promise I can’t keep”. Is it any wonder there is no trust? Unless private property owners can be assured that eminent domain is off the table forever, then that threat will remain for these farmers, ranchers and other residents of the area.

Congressman McInnis is on the wrong side of small government, the wrong side of private property rights, the wrong side of conservatism, and he is on the wrong side of this issue.


  1. Related to the McInnis campaign avoiding the issues here is a new video of the Congressman under pressure.


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