Friday, October 16, 2009

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Over the last week I have been asked so many times which candidates I support in the local school board races. While I have not had the opportunity to talk with every candidate, I have spent several hours reviewing the races in four of our largest districts.

While I would never presume that you should consider my personal endorsement, I have spent some time reviewing candidate questionnaires, newspaper articles and candidate web pages to determine who I believe would make the best school board members. There may be good candidates out there beyond those I have listed below.

I have chosen to endorse in these races because of the unprecedented activism that I have seen by those on the left who have chosen to get engaged in our local school districts. This year social activists, unions, and anti-reform zealots have put forth an effort to take over local school boards like never before.

Given this, I felt the need to publish a list of candidates who will have our children and their best interests in mind. I’ve sent you this email and will post this list on Below is a list of candidates for school board that I support:

School District 2:
Deborah Hendrix
Rick Price
Linda Pugh

School District 11:
Albert Loma

School District 20:
Catherine Bullock
Mark Smith

School District 49:
Donahue Quashi
Danielle Lindorf
Christopher Wright

Please make sure you vote!


These recommendations are mine personally and do not reflect any endorsement by Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Prosperity Colorado, KVOR 740 AM or Citadel Communications.

Follow Up:
You my want to read Barry Noreen's column in the Gazette about my recommendations:
I'm not quite sure why he felt the need to write this column. If he doesn't want my opinion, he doesn't need to listen to it. I would venture more people are interested in my opinion than in his, and maybe that is a problem for him? Or that more people listen to my radio show than read his column. But it seems strange for him to waste column inches on my opinion for local school board. Let me know what you think.


  1. To that list I'd add Dave Cloud in the only contested race in District 38. Dave is a fiscal constrvative who deserves our support in a district that has recently been racking up millions of dollars in deficits.

  2. Thanks Jeff for the list. It made me want to do more research and I appreciate your endorsements. As far as Noreen's article...well, lets just say it was a waste of space. I don't pay any attention to folks who have nothing better to do than criticize others. Just ignore it and move forward.