Monday, October 19, 2009

Angry Noreen!

By Haners

I remember when I used to be jealous. And I mean jealous. I remember a time when I still played with action figures, and my best friend had the coolest Darth Vader figurine that I wanted. Instead of working out some sort of trade or exchange I held it against him and acted like a jerk for a little while. It seemed like the right thing to do when the highlight of your day was waking up in the morning and realizing you didn’t wet your bed last night.

Barry Noreen may not wet his bed anymore [source needed] but it’s evident by his last article that he still deals with jealousy issues like a child. Considering the fact that the Gazette’s readership is dropping faster then the population of Detroit, I can only assume you didn’t read Noreen’s snarky rant about how Jeff Crank shouldn’t have an opinion about some local races.

After reading the article, a couple of things become clear. For starters, Noreen has to be intensely jealous of Jeff Crank to lash out the way he did. This is understandable. Crank has a radio show (even if it runs at an un-godly hour on a Saturday morning), ran for Congress, and has a major voice in the issues of the day; the sort of things that reporters wish they had. Also Noreen apparently believes that a) opinions only matter if your name is Barry Noreen, b) former political candidates have no community involvement, and c) being employed by a media outlet should disqualify you from having an opinion (see “a” for the sole exception). Obviously this is completely detached from reality and so I’d like to give Mr. Noreen a couple of life tips…

#1. You Don’t Have To Be a Gazette Opinion Writer to Have an Opinion

Stay with me for a second, Noreen. I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes people who aren’t on the Gazette’s dwindling payroll have opinions about community matters. Sometimes people actually have experience in matters that give them a perspective that others may not. So despite your disbelief that someone would actually want to know what a failed Congressional candidate may think about local races, it actually happens. I’ve been asked my opinion too. Don’t be so upset that no one gives a rip about yours.

#2. Having an Accurate View of Yourself is Important

Noreen, you mocked Crank for adding a humble “touch” by saying that Crank would “never presume that you should consider my personal endorsement”. I say humility is a good thing and we shouldn’t make fun of it. To mock humility is a sign of pride. Let’s have a well grounded view of ourselves. I write commentary on internet that my mom doesn’t even read and your paycheck comes from people who want the weekend coupons and lining for their bird cage. Let’s not get an over-inflated sense of ourselves, ok?

#3. If No One Responds, See if You’re Alone…

In an attempt to paint a compelling picture that no one cares about what Crank thinks, you asked for a show of hands. When no one responded, you assumed you had proved your point. Since Dean Toda was probably doing some real reporting somewhere and Carol McGraw was busy writing the next Tom Harold press release, you probably didn’t think to look if anyone actually heard your question. Next time you say something and no one responds, make sure you check your surroundings. I’m just sayin’.


  1. Be sure and ask Mr. Crank if it is legal for him, as the director of a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, to make endorsements in political races.

  2. Is there a reason you can't ask him yourself?

  3. Haners, he and I already know the answer.

  4. Ok, so I'm supposed to ask him a question for you that you and he already know the answer to that doesn't affect my views of your article in the least bit why?