Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All Politics is Local

By The Lone Front Ranger

Sean Paige, The executive director of LLA, and editor of Local Liberty Online, has announced his candidacy to replace Jerry Heimlicher on the Colorado Springs City Council. His announcement:

“It's official, folks. I dropped off my paperwork at City Hall a few hours ago, along with a detailed, point-by-point agenda that I hope will turn the search for Jerry Heimlicher's replacement into something more than an empty kiss-up contest. The mayor's office called a few minutes ago to say interviews begin on the afternoon of the 6th, which came as a shock, since I fully expected that my paperwork would be "misplaced."

So I'm still in the running, technically, though Vegas odds-makers say the Detroit Lions have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than I have of sitting in Jerry's chair. No matter. Winning was never the goal or expectation. The point is to put some actual ideas forward and see if they'll stir a little thought and debate.

I'll paste some of the highlights of that agenda below, in bullet form. Those who aren't mortified by that, and want more, can find it at my Local Liberty Online blog, Page by Paige: http://www.locallibertyonline.org/paige_blog.php. Your feedback is appreciated, as always. And if you have some ideas of you own, send them along. This is a work in progress.”

I do not live in this district. I have met Sean, but don’t really know him. I follow his writings, and typically agree with his points. How refreshing it would be to actually have someone of this mindset in elected office.

I encourage you to follow the link above to his platform. It shows what a truly small government platform might look like. A platform where the government, even at the local level, knows its appropriate place in the lives and wallets of taxpayers.

An example from Sean’s platform: I will fight for an opt-out clause in existing or future historic preservation districts. Inclusion in such districts should be voluntary, not coerced. I won’t support any new historic preservation districts that don’t allow homeowners to opt-out.”

So Sean is proposing that government not have the ability to coerce property owners into restricting the use of their honestly acquired property. Wow…what a novel approach. You mean since I bought my house, I get to have a say on what I do with my house? Sounds like a common sense policy to me.

He has a whole platform, all of which liberty-loving people will warm up to.

A lot of us pay attention more to national politics than local politics. The allure is understandable. High stakes politics, scandals, policies with huge impact on the entire nation…it’s all very interesting. But our ability to impact politics is actually at the local level. Some of these local races are won by just a few votes. And to have the opportunity to vote for a guy like Sean Paige, happens first at the local level.

I hope Sean is not disappointed if he wins. The City of Colorado Springs would be far better for him being a City Councilman.

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