Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saddle Up

Range Rider Saddles Up

Have you ever woken up somewhere and didn’t know where you were? That brief moment of confusion normally dispels quickly. Trouble is, lately those moments seem to happen every time I pick up a paper or listen to the news.

Who wouldn’t do a double-take when:

· If you have defaulted on your mortgage, you can get a two percent loan, lengthen the payback period, and have your payment reduced to 31 percent of your income… maybe even forgive principal.

· If you haven’t defaulted on your mortgage, you get to pay for this good deal for everyone who did.

· If you have an older car, you can get your neighbors (and the rest of us) to chip in $4500 on a new one. By the way, if you could only afford an old clunker and want to buy one being turned in… too bad. The government requires that they be destroyed immediately.

· Our legislators in Washington freely acknowledge they don’t actually read the legislation they enact because it is too long.

· These same legislators are working hard to burden our children and future generations with trillions of social programs we can’t afford. This in the worst economic crisis in 80 years.

· Despite surveys that indicate more than 70 percent of Americans like their health care, and the well-documented problems of Medicare, the government’s current offering, Congress wants to nationalize health care at a cost of more than a trillion dollars.

· In the face of increasing doubt that global warming is a) actually happening and b) can be materially influenced by human activity, our legislators are seriously considering taxing carbon emissions, adding several hundred dollars to most Americans’ energy costs. (Did I mention the recession?)

· A bill called the “Freedom of Choice Act” actually is a bill to eliminate the fundamental American right to vote in private in union elections.

· The President of the United States gets involved in a local dispute, publicly jumps to the wrong conclusion, and tries to settle the issue with a photo shoot and a few beers.

· The White House insists that health care won’t be rationed while the President’s health care advisor (and brother to his Chief of Staff) publishes a graph depicting on what ages health care spending should be focused.

What country am I in? I could go on, and I will in future posts. The plain truth is that we have the government we elected, but not the government many expected.

Many of us riders have been out of the saddle too long. It’s time to hit the trail to fight for freedom, free enterprise and individual responsibility. I know I am not alone…

The Range Rider

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