Wednesday, August 26, 2009


By Robert Harkins J.D.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost

We are exhorted to envision a new way in transcendent prose, in promises nearly Shakespearian in their metered elegance. Here finally, in words impassioned, in words that infuse the heart with hope, are sacred promises sacredly to be kept. But are these promises a construction of poetic euphemisms that no one intends to keep? What are the promises made and broken? Transparency. A balanced budget. Thorough debate of all legislation. An Administration free of the corrupt influence of lobbyists and dedicated to the eradication of obscene debt. The repudiation of Earmarks. A more secure America. The Internet posting of all proposed legislation for deliberate and reflective public comment. And finally, above all, a post-racial America where everyone may find that place where merit only gives him or her right to be.

Now, terrorists captured on the battlefield need not surrender battlefield intelligence. Instead, terrorists will be read Miranda rights, and blessed with Constitutional privileges: the right to remain silent, to have an attorney, to trial by jury, to the discovery of national security secrets if necessary to prepare a defense. These are the same terrorists that are prepared to sacrifice their life--and that of the children they wire with explosives-- in order to destroy America, her people, Constitution, and democracy.

Are we safer now that the word “terrorist” has been repealed? Are there no more terrorists because government by fiat has excised the word “terrorist” from its vocabulary? And where have all the terrorists gone now that our national struggle is no more than an “Overseas Contingency Operation” or a “Man Made Disaster?” The war on terrorism has been officially abolished, and those who shout their threat to wreck this country by Jihad do not mean what they say; there is no more Jihad; there is only a military action against Al Quaida. Well, tell us then, how were the towers of a country taken to the dust; how were three thousand Americans immolated in high-octane flames if not by nineteen Jihadists?”

Well, that was then; this is now. We discover again that promises without substance are still a way to power. Will this new debt created out of foreign loans and a printing press and next year, by the imposition of enormous taxes, and Cap and Trade, jolt us into a new prosperity, make us safe, and insure that our children will have a life free of government oppression? What is the mechanism by which multi trillion dollar deficits will restore us to prosperity? And what is the fall back plan if the taking on of unquenchable debt fails us all?

This American mob, how lacking it is in such weighty intelligence and linguistic sophistication as that claimed by our government, and how easily it fails to understand the central lesson: that dependency upon government largess is the only and true way to freedom and liberty. Americans, therefore. must be still, quiet, and vote for their bread.

Still though, there is cause for hope. For why else in spite of such elegance, does this American mob gather together, across the country, in the tens of thousands to pour good tea into the rivers of America, to gather together from grass roots to protest sophistry and broken promises, who appear in their tens of thousands at town hall meetings and there expose the duplicity of democrats pitching the government takeover of health care. Who of us has not seen in town hall meetings across America, confident politicians peddling a disastrous Public Option, who speaking in intellectual riddles, suddenly, as they are asked straight questions by Americans, take on the facial expression of deer in the headlights?

How do democrats answer the questions Americans ask? With misinformation and slander. They accuse Americans of spreading misinformation. They shout to the world that we are a racist and fascist mob. The President now accuses us of “Bearing False Witness.” But who are these unspeakably degenerate Americans? A house wife pushing a baby carriage. An elderly man in kaki pants and a Hawaiian shirt, and his aging wife who wears a flowery dress. A doctor specializing in urology who is accused of “high jacking” a town hall meeting by the asking of a question. An auto mechanic, a secretary, a struggling owner of a small business, veterans old and young, whole and honorably wounded, these and other ordinary American citizens, working men and women. All are labeled Nazis, and Brown Shirts. Who accuses Americans? The men and women Americans have elected to office.

Well, Americans are not intimidated. They will not bow their heads to bullies, or to the patronization of an administration prepared to pitch misinformation and Newspeak answers to straight questions. They will not tolerate the ruination of America by avaricious spending, a government controlled health care plan that will set American on a path to bankruptcy, or a national security policy predicated on national abasement, moral equivalence and surrender.
Well, the American people also have promises to keep. And many a mile to go before they sleep. Nevertheless, doubtless, they will keep their promises when next they vote.

What do you think?

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