Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Mis-Characterization of Conservatives

 By The Lone Front Ranger

I have become a recent political activist.  I didn’t plan to.  I have things going on in my life with work, kids, and family.  I would rather be doing things that are enjoyable, relaxing and fun.  Let me explain.

I have worked since I was 14, to help supplement family income.  I got no scholarships, took no handouts.  I worked long hours at jobs that were not always fun.  I saved my money, bought my first house (well within my means), and continued to work and save money. 

I have never thought that I should go to the government for things that I need.  I am not the Government’s responsibility, nor is my family.  We are self-sufficient, as our previous generations of immigrants were expected to be.  I am grateful to live in the greatest country on earth, a country where someone like me with no fancy degrees or family pedigree can accomplish anything I put my mind to.  My Grandfather would have called me “salt of the earth”. 

I go through this background so you understand where I come from.  And how I became a political activist. And how I am being mis-characterized by the media in my newfound political activism.  I have been going to health care rallies in my area.  I am taking time out of my workday to go to rallies, to be counted among those who know that the direction our President and Congress are trying to take us is wrong. 

I am talking to other folks at these rallies who are just like me.  They range in age and backgrounds.  But they all know that it is their responsibility to take care of their families, it is not the government’s role.  I see home-made signs around me that are simply asking the government to leave us alone to live our lives in the way we see fit.  “Hands off our health care”, “Leave us alone”, “Stay out of my wallet”, those sorts of sentiments.  I have spoken with these people.  They are real, and believe what they say as much as I do.

And, we are all being characterized in increasingly demonizing ways.  First, we are described as manufactured protesters, brought in on busses by special interests.  Then, we became Republican Party operatives in Brooks Brothers suits, parroting the lines the party bosses fed us.  And now, now, we are being called racists that just can’t stand the idea of an African-American man in the White House.  

So when they can’t argue the merits of their case, they resort to personal attacks on hardworking citizens who are the backbone of our country and the keepers of the traditions that have kept this country free.  Shame on them for purposely mis-characterizing conservatives, for the sole reason that they can’t win the argument on its merits.

As a new political activist, I can’t let my voice NOT be heard.  I owe it to my family, friends and my country to not be quiet.  See you at the next rally.

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