Friday, August 14, 2009

El Paso County Bench Continued

By: Haners
A couple weeks ago I started going over each state and county elected official from our great county from the perspective of them being tapped as a Lt. Governor candidate for either of the two serious candidates. I split the list in two, and this is the second half. Agree? Disagree? Did I miss something? Say so! Also, should I do a list for non-elected officials or retired politicians from El Paso County?
State Representative Marsha Looper- As a two term representative from El Paso County’s most rural district, Looper is a conservative who has a strong command of water issues and offers gender balance. However, Looper doesn’t have an automatic appeal to suburban voters, so picking her would be no different than going with a Western-sloper or an Eastern-plainer.

El Paso County Sherriff Terry Maketa- Sherriff Maketa offers a law and order balance to both candidates (but less so to McInnis who has a law background), has experience dealing with important aspects of the state’s budget and is fairly popular in El Paso County. I don’t know much about his stances on other issues so I can’t say if he’s a conservative, so I can’t make an informed speculation about what his other strengths or weaknesses are.

District Attorney Dan May- Having vaulted into office off of former D.A. Newsome’s issues, May may be in a position to offer balance as a law-and-order clean government crusader. But May hasn’t been in office long and probably didn’t work like he did to get elected only to turn around and accept a new position after six months.

State Senator Dave Schultheis- The long serving legislator who has represented heavily suburban and conservative leaning seats would certainly underscore either candidate’s conservative credentials. However the occasional odd vote may be an un-necessary weight around the nominee’s campaign.

State Representative Amy Stephens- This two term representative offers an interesting mix: she underscores both candidates’ conservative values (Penry more so then McInnis in this case), has good name ID, and lends experience while offering gender balance. While having two conservatives on a ticket might not be a good thing, Rep. Stephens might be the gal who could make it work.

State Representative Mark Waller- The newest addition to the El Paso County delegation would underscore either candidate’s conservative stances and would balance both McInnis and Penry with his military experience. However, Waller hasn’t been in office for but a few months, and would certainly put his seat in danger of being re-occupied by its former occupant.

County Commissioner Wayne Williams- Williams will be without a job after January 2011, and offers balance to either candidate given his deep knowledge about transportation issues (which will certainly figure prominently one way or another). Other then that, it’s hard to see what Commissioner Williams offers as a Lt. Governor, but that’s not to say he might not have a role in a new Republican administration.

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