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America is the target of an international malice to which our President has added his voice. He continues to apologize for what he conceives to be America’s historical depredation of South America and the Middle East. He characterizes America as a once derisive nation of colonialist ambitions. In an act of moral equivalence, the President has declared the Soviet Confederation equal to the United States, a nation that, in dreams of a new Soviet Socialist Republic, eulogizes the mass murderers Lenin and Stalin. The new Soviets have ordered their deification in Russian schoolrooms. They have excised from history the irrefutable proof of their bloodlust. In Moscow, holiday boxes of chocolate are sold imprinted with their heroic image.

The President has characterized American conduct in support of the Shah of Iran as equal in meanness to transgressions of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution, equivalence he carefully does not explain. Here is the truth: “When Khomeini took power: the mass terror began immediately. Homosexuals were put in front of firing squads; adulterers (and alleged adulterers) were stoned to death; ‘enemies of the revolution’ were imprisoned, tortured, and killed; women were segregated, forcibly veiled and placed under a vicious and sadistic system of gender apartheid. And all the while the killing machine began the mass extermination if Iranian citizens.”[1] In a speech, made shortly before the Iranian election our President tacitly welcomed the Islamic Republic of Iran to the family of nations, invited its Supreme Leaders to a 4th of July celebration and for eleven days held his silence rather than condemn its farcical election, its beating, gassing and execution of dissident Iranians.

To Hamas a terrorist group pledged to the obliteration of Jews and the annihilation of the Jewish state, the President in our name has given nearly a billion dollars. He made the gift to a United Nations terrorist front group. Caroline Glick, the deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post “… minces no words on the connection. ‘UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Work Agency) patently collaborates with Hamas…. Its workers double as Hamas combatants. Its refugee camps and schools are used as Hamas training bases and missile launch sites. Its mosques are used as recruiting grounds. And … the UN agency is also willing to act as Hamas’s surrogate.’”[2]

Who are these nations to whom our President has apologized? What are their contributions to freedom, dignity, prosperity and peace? What is the legacy of the Islamic state? What has Hugo Chavez given to his Venezuelan people other than the ruin of its economy and the imminence of a Cuban style dictatorship? Where in Fidel Castro’s island prison is there freedom? When will China free from its Laogais[3] men and women who speak out against the outrage of human bondage?

What have the nations of the Middle East given humanity? “Who remembers any longer the forty-two peace council participants a teenage suicide bomber killed in Peshawar on March 2, 2008? Or the same number a fedayeen bomber murdered two days earlier in Swat, Pakistan, while attending a funeral? Let alone the fifty-six worshippers killed on December 21, 2007, when a terrorist carrying a bomb packed with nails detonated himself in a mosque? … Other attacks, of course, are more familiar to Westerners… there were the July 2005 coordinated bombings of London’s public transport system, which killed fifty-two commutes and injured at least seven hundred; the Madrid railway bombings of march 2004, which killed 190 and wounded more than eighteen hundred; the May 2003 Casablanca bombings of a Jewish community center and a Spanish social club, killing forty-one people; and the October 2002 bombings in the Indonesian island of Bali which took 202 lives. [4]

And what is China’s legacy? In its Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, Mao exterminated about, “…thirty-eight million people through government-engineered famine. Mao’s starving victims were reduced to eating grass, leaves and tree bark in the attempt to survive. They picked through horse manure for undigested grains of wheat or cow manure for worms. They also resorted to cannibalism, digging up freshly buried corpses. Mad from hunger, parents ate their own children—or swapped children with other parents in an attempt to ease the horror of the act. Children were also killed, boiled, and used as fertilizer. Machine gun fire mowed down desperate villagers who abandoned their homes and traveled to other towns in search of food. [5]

Americans love to laugh. But always they are moved to weep at death. They cannot help but grieve because grief is human. In our expression of grief we acknowledge human dignity and sacramental love. During the Cultural Revolution, however, Mao forbade “…almost every expression of human emotion—and every cultural ritual whose purpose was to honor the sanctity of human life and relationships-- including weddings, funerals, and even the simple act of holding hands….[6] Mao therefore outlawed the shedding of tears at funerals and even ordered peasants to plant crops over burial grounds—since he believed that deaths ‘can fertilize the ground.’ [7]

In Egypt, “The Nazis…helped create Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, a pioneering Islamic extremist group founded in 1928…. Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler. These Nazi roots helped facilitate the seamless incorporation of a virulent anti-Jewish strain into Muslim totalitarianism.[8] By the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood had a half million Arab Nazis as members. The grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, met with Hitler on November 28, 1941, to request German assistance in engineering a Middle Eastern Final Solution, and he offered to form an Arab army to help carry it out. [9]

In Pakistan, “When Pakistani Muslim soldiers raped a quarter of a million Bengali women in 1971 after they had massacred three million unarmed civilians, it was not just a coincidental wave of sexual exploitation.[10]

The President listened in silence as Nicaragua’s Noriega, in his defamation of America, luxuriated in the same prurient hate he brought to bear against his people. On taking the podium, the President tacitly admitted Noriega’s accusations when he informed the audience that, in fact, he was only three years old when America worked its evil upon South America.

Our President chose silence. But silence in the face of falsehoods, is no answer at all; it is acquiescence. Let us in his place speak to the truth of Noriega and his Marxist Sandinistas. “Emulating Stalin, Mao, and Castro, [they] took control of everything in the country. They censored all publications, suspended the right of association, and ruthlessly crushed the trade unions. They seized the means of production, and incentives for foreign investment disappeared. To put it plainly, another twentieth century experiment with socialism annihilated a nation’s economy.

The new despots imprisoned or executed Nicaraguans who attempted to protect their property.[11] …. The Sandinistas quickly distinguished themselves as among the worst human right abusers in Latin America carrying out approximately eight thousand political executions within three years of the revolution. By 1983 the number of political prisoners in the new Marxist regimes jails was estimated at twenty thousand…. The Sandinistas also institutionalize torture…. Prisoners were … locked into steel boxes exposed to the full force of the tropical sun; their wives and daughters were sexually assaulted in front of them; and some prisoners were mutilated and skinned alive before being executed.”[12]

Americans contribute to the support of Palestinians; and yet, their,“…victims of other grisly crimes were everywhere to be seen: a newspaper editor found with his fingers cut off joint by joint, his eyes gouged out, and his limbs hacked off; men castrated during torture sessions; men and women chopped to pieces with axes; a pregnant mother of eleven children murdered for no reason; a dead girl found with both hands severed and part of her head missing; a local religious leader forced to watch his daughter being raped and murdered, with her breasts torn away; a man whose limbs were chained to four vehicles which were then driven in opposite directions tearing him to pieces. This was all part of the genocide that the PLO perpetrated in Lebanon, where it murdered some one hundred thousand civilians between 1975 and 1981. [13]

The President, on behalf of an American democracy, has also apologized to the Castro dictatorship: "I know there is a longer journey that must be traveled to overcome decades of mistrust." The Cuban people however, “… do not have the right to travel out of their country. They don’t have the right of free association or the right to form political parties, independent unions or religious or cultural organizations. The regime has outlawed free expression; it has consistently censored publications, radio, television, and film. A Committee for the Defense of the Cuban Revolution (CDR) governs every single city block and every agricultural production unit.”[14]

Americans must not apologize. There is no reason to apologize. Apologies disgrace American virtue. Apologies demean the peace Americans have struggled to keep safe from the likes of Arafat, Hussein, Castro, Noriega and Khomeini. Apologies falsely impute virtue and prestige to despots who are the scourge of their people. Apologies do not win friends; they signal weakness, provoke contempt and encourage enemies. Apologies make the world a more dangerous place.

Where then does real evil reside? It resides in the despot before whom we bend our knee, subsidize, and falsely praise as equal; in the nation we grace with false and unrequited apologies; in silence when we should speak out the plain truth. Mr. President, respectfully, real evil resides in the debasement of America and Americans. This above all is the resident evil.

What do you think?

Robert F. Harkins J.D.


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