Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Could This Signal the End of Race-Based Politics?

by the Lone Front Ranger

July 20, 2009

 I grew up in the dawn of the age of equality.  Men and women now have equal opportunity.  People of all races now have equal opportunity.  I am not naïve enough to think that there is not racism, sexism, ageism out there…I get it.  But in our era, it is no longer ok to be racist, sexist, etc.  If you are going carry those attitudes, don’t talk about them, no one wants to hear it.

Also, gone are the days when these old attitudes are institutionalized, and openly condoned in the marketplace.  Now, I am no fan of anything that separates people into groups based on race and gender.  As an example, we have Congressional Caucuses that are race based.  If there were a Congressional White Caucus, it would be universally understood as wrong.  But, if people want to join a club of like-minded or like-backgrounded people, knock yourself out.  But you won’t see me signing up to join a group based on race or gender.  It’s just not my thing.

Given that long-standing opinion of mine, I will look past the career choice of Harry Alford, CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, and simply honor his gutsy exchange with Senator Barbara Boxer of CA.  It has been getting some airtime on Cable News shows, but if you have not seen the whole 6 minutes, do yourself a favor and watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE_jGD5nZ6U.

Essentially, the discussion is about Obama’s “clean” energy plan, and how Mr. Alford’s organization is against Cap and Trade.  Big surprise right?   A business group understands that Obama’s energy policies would be disastrous for business.  So Mr. Alford is testifying that his group is against it.  Barbara Boxer pointed out to Mr. Alford that there are other groups that are in favor of the energy proposals.  The problem is, Senator (don’t call me ma’am) Boxer, only pointed out to Mr. Alford the other African American organizations that were in favor of it.  Mr. Alford rightly pointed out to her that she was being condescending and racial.  Did I mention that the video clip is well worth your 6-minute investment?

I have never liked watching Barbara Boxer.  She is always condescending.  Always.  But I would have not been offended if Senator Boxer had offered the opinions of other business groups, instead of other African American groups.   Deplorable.

Mr. Alford was on Bill O’Reilly last night.  Bill asked him about Boxer’s alleged advocacy for African Americans.  Alford’s answer was honest and cutting.  He said, “She loves poor black folks and she loves black folks in their place. She does not love — you take Condoleezza Rice, who I would love my grandchildren to emulate and the way she treated Condoleezza Rice during her confirmation hearings was just terrible.”

Bless you Harry Alford.


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