Monday, May 11, 2009

"Are We Just Mindless Sheep?"

A recent and popular bumper sticker reads "Governor Ritter Welcomes You To TAXORADO." It appears to be a sign of frustration supported, to a degree, by an element of truth.

Taxes, fees, more taxes and more fees. It's happening at all levels of government. After all, the government needs our support, or more precisely our money...our hard-earned money. And the federal government certainly knows how to spend our hard-earned money better than you or me. Certainly!

Apparently Mark Levin, New York Times Bestselling Author and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, in his newly published book Liberty and Tyranny disagrees. Mr. Levin wants to "eliminate the progressive income tax- for its purpose is to redistribute wealth, not fund the constitutionally legitimate functions of the federal government." Levin also believes the corporate income tax needs to be eliminated "for it is nothing more than double taxation on shareholders and consumers, and penalizes wealth and job creation." And what about the death (inheritance) tax? Is that fair? The answer is a resounding "NO!"

History (along with a bit of common sense) tells us that tax cuts stimulate the economy, due to the very basic reality that when people can keep more of their own money they will have more money to spend. Tax increases, fee increases and a departure from a free market economy to more government control over our lives is a formula for disaster.

Quite often Bill O'Reilly refers to the "Kool-Aid" drinkers amongst us and if you don't know the reference you can look up Jim Jones and the Jonestown mass suicides. It is about people who insert an impenetrable barrier between themselves, critical thought and reasoning. They subscribe to a belief system in spite of evidence to the contrary. Put another way, Kool-Aid drinkers would not be invited to join MENSA as they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They are, in fact, among the dimmest bulbs in the room. Kool-Aid drinkers, simply stated, put very little thought into their beliefs as they rely on others to think for them.

When federal income tax rate cuts are eliminated; when tax "refunds" are given to citizens (and non-citizens); when death tax rates increase; when road and bridge surcharge fees are being invented; when fines for not shoveling your sidewalk are levied; when fees for lighting your street lights are charged and stormwater fees are created where none existed previously; and when other new "fees and fines" seem to be a weekly occurance; and it has become increasingly clear that government cannot live within its means and may be out of's probably time to contact your city council, county commissioners, state legislators and congressional representatives, who can turn around this runaway train, and tell them "enough is enough!"

Are you among the mindless sheep and KoolAid drinkers, or are you just a happy and content citizen? Together we can turn around this runaway train called out of control goverrnment spending and get our economy back on track.

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