Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Just In: Members of Colorado Congressional Delegation Dole Out Bonuses

More reasons why our Congressional Delegation needs to hear from us. In the 4th quarter of last year, while Congress was debating the bank bailouts and other economic matters and while unemployment soared, four members of our Congressional delegation, now -Senator Mark Udall, Congressmen John Salazar, Doug Lamborn and Ed Perlmutter collectively doled out $225,000 in bonuses to their staffs. While Congressman Perlmutter handed out the most, over $90,000, all four members should now do what they wanted AIG to do - give the money back to the taxpayers. How about just cutting out a few "franked"mail pieces? Let's not call ourselves fiscal conservatives if we can't get this one right.

Face the State story:


  1. I was listening to Hannity earlier this week when another one of these 'get-beyond-reagan' people started talking about how he 'used' to be GOP. He went on talking about how the fundamentals of fiscal conservatism do not work in a global economy. Ugh.

    Perhaps if we actually tried it, we'd see it work - after all, it worked for Reagan in the 80's.

    When I think about fiscal conservatism, I see a few pillars:

    1) Ownership - Conservatives realize they don't own the money that they spend and that they will have to face the person whose money was spent.

    2) Spending - Conservatives realize that budgets fail when spending gets out of crazy. Budget control always happens on the output (since we can't make money truly magically appear).

    3) Balance - Conservatives don't spend more than they have.

    4) Save - Just because one has five dollars doesn't mean he needs to spend all of it.

    Spending reduction and frugality always work, whether they be on the personal level, family level, or national level.

    Perhaps the word "CONSERVE" may be a clue...and you'd think with all the "conserve" messages regarding they environment, libs would be able to

    And you're right, it's sad when people in our camp don't get it right.


  2. I absolutely agree with you Rick. Just think what would happen to America if families and the government didn't stick to their budgets and over-extended themselves with 'credit.' Oh wait, that's exactly what's going on! Wake up people. If my toddler threw a fit in the store because she only had a quarter and wanted a dollar for candy and demanded that she have it right at that instant, everyone around would see that she was acting like a brat, but apparently these principals are outdated.