"When they allow a talk show host to play them like a two-dollar banjo, they demonstrate what kind of backbone they'll bring to the job later on, if we elect them. After they get elected will they continue to allow Jeff Crank to put a nickel in them and wind them up every Saturday morning?"

Barry Noreen, former columnist, Colorado Springs Gazette

Friday, May 22, 2015

Joel Crank Gets His Trash Back

Do you have a kid who won't clean up after himself?  Lisa and I do too.  Here's what we did.  Every time our 17 year-old son left trash on the counter in the kitchen, we collected it quietly and put it in garbage bags in the garage.  We did this over about 6 months.  This morning, while his car was parked in the school parking lot, we gave him his trash back - emptying four large trash bags full of trash back into his car:

We also left him a note:

 and took this nice selfie:

One of his friends was kind enough to video his reaction at lunchtime.  Enjoy.  No charge for the parenting tip.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jeff Crank's Recommendations for Contested Races/Ballot Questions 2014

El Paso County 2014 General Election Ballot

Every election I get countless emails from listeners asking about my endorsements and recommendations on voting.  Your vote belongs to you – and you alone – and it is certainly not up to me to tell you how you should vote, but here is how I am casting my vote this year.  These are my endorsements and recommendations.

U.S. Senator – Cory Gardner
U.S. Representative – Doug Lamborn
Governor/Lieutenant Governor – Bob Beauprez/Jill Repella
Secretary of State – Wayne Williams
State Treasurer – Walker Stapleton
Attorney General – Cynthia Coffman
State Senate District 2 – Kevin J. Grantham
State Senate District 11 – Bernie Herpin
State Representative District 14 – Dan Nordberg
State Representative District 15 – Gordon Klingenschmitt
State Representative District 16 – Janak Joshi
State Representative District 17 – Kit Roupe
State Representative District 18 – Michael Schlierf
County Commissioner District 1 – Darryl Glenn
County Commissioner District 5 – Peggy Littleton

I make no recommendations about retention of judges as all were recommended to be retained by the Judicial Performance Commission.

Amendment 68, Racetrack GamblingNo
Proposition 104, Open union negotiationsYes
Proposition 105, Food labelingNo
El Paso County Issue 1A, Tax retention for Open SpaceNo
El Paso County Issue 1B, Increase on Property Tax Bill for StormwaterNo

El Paso County Issue 1C, Term Limits for SheriffYes