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Friday, June 26, 2020

Elected Officials Who Are Willing to Support Local Law Enforcement

The Jeff Crank Show asked all of the local elected officials if they support law enforcement enough to put their name to the following statement:

“While the heinous act perpetrated on George Floyd must be condemned, we stand proudly with the men and women who serve us every day through the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado Springs Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in the Pikes Peak region.  The bravery exhibited by local law enforcement keeps our community safe, maintains law and order and upholds the rule of law.  While improving policing should always be our goal, we recognize that the vast majority of law enforcement are honest, decent, dedicated men and women who enforce the law and protect our community with honor, bravery and valor.”

Here are the elected officials who were willing to sign their name to this statement:

Congressman Doug Lamborn
CU Regent Chance Hill
State Senator Bob Gardner
State Senator Dennis Hisey
State Senator Paul Lundeen
State Representative Terri Carver
State Representative Tim Geitner
State Representative Lois Landgraf
State Representative Larry Liston
State Representative Shane Sandridge
State Representative Dave Williams
District Attorney Dan May
El Paso County Commissioner Cami Bremer
El Paso County Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez
El Paso County Commissioner Stan Vanderwerf
El Paso County Commissioner Mark Waller
El Paso County Commissioner Holly Williams
El Paso Count Clerk & Recorder Chuck Broerman
El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder
El Paso County Assessor Steve Schleiker
Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers
Colorado Springs City Councilwoman Jill Gaebler
Colorado Springs City Councilman Don Knight
Colorado Springs City Councilman Andy Pico
Colorado Springs City Councilman Tom Strand
Colorado Springs City Councilman Wayne Williams

In addition, the following candidates reached out and asked to also be added:
House District 17 candidate Rob Blancken
District Attorney candidate Michael Allen
El Paso County Commissioner candidate Carrie Geitner

Sadly, several elected officials have chosen not to sign onto this statement of support for law enforcement.  The following elected officials have refused to respond to our email request.  Please email or call them and ask them why they have chosen not to respond to a statement of support for local law enforcement.  You might also post a link to this webpage on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to help put grassroots pressure on them:

State Senator Owen Hill, (303)866-2737, owen.hill.senate@state.co.us
State Senator Pete Lee, (303)866-6364, pete.lee.senate@state.co.us
State Representative Tony Exum, (303)866-3069, tony.exum.house@state.co.us
El Paso County Treasurer Mark Lowderman, (719)520-7900, trsweb@elpasoco.com
Colo. Sp. City Councilman David Geislinger, (719)385-5493, david.geislinger@coloradosprings.gov
Colo. Sp. City Councilwoman Yolanda Avila, (719)385-5492, yolanda.avila@coloradosprings.gov
Colo. Sp. City Councilman Richard Skorman, (719)385-5470, richard.skorman@coloradosprings.gov
Colo. Sp. City Councilman Bill Murray, (719)385-5485, bill.murray@coloradosprings.gov

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sign Petition to Cut Taxes in Colorado

Circulators will be collecting signatures for 306, to cut the state income tax from 4.63% to 4.55%, and 295, to require a public vote on new fee-based state enterprises projected to generate $100m over five years, at the following times and locations tomorrow:

All locations, 11 -  PM, Saturday, June 6

Colorado Springs

Magnum Shooting Center off Northgate at 13372 Meadowgrass Dr
Specialty Sports in southeast Colorado Springs at 4285 E Fountain Blvd
Bon Shopping Center just north of downtown at 2300 N Wahsatch Ave

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Support Life in Colorado

Due Date, Too Late – The initiative to end late-term abortion in Colorado
Sign the petition today
The “cure period” runs through Wed., May 27th. There are multiple places Saturday morning where people can go to sign the petition on Saturday, so long as you haven’t already signed it AND are registered to vote in CO

  • The Life Network Family Thrift Store at 5406 Academy Blvd. (at the Montebello stoplight) – Saturday from 10am to 4pm
  • Two shopping centers that include Hobby Lobby:
    • The Woodmen Valley Shopping Center at 6950 N. Academy Blvd. – 10am to 4pm
    • Barnes Marketplace at 5994 Barnes Rd. – 10am to 4pm
  • Woodmoor Center in Monument near Wesley Owens Coffee at 1744 Lake Woodmoor Dr. – 10am to 2pm
  • Born Again Used Books at 1529 N. Union Blvd. - Saturday 12-4
In Pueblo:
A Caring Pregnancy Center at 500 Colorado Ave. will be hosting the petition Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. You can also sign the petition there weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through May 27th

During the week from 9 am to 4 pm weekdays, you can drop by the Life Network pregnancy center at 3700 Galley and sign as well. You have until just Wednesday, May 27th to sign, so time is of the essence. 

Join the Jeff Crank Show Team for the Virtual Walk for Life

Click Here to Join the Team

I need your help. Life Network is doing amazing work in our community with mothers and fathers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. They are a pro-life pregnancy center that partners with these parents to introduce them to their baby, educate them on their options, and support them in every way from pregnancy to the time their child is two years old. They understand that once a mom or dad sees their baby in an ultrasound, that mother and father will make the right choice - which is always life. As a former board member of Life Network, I believe whole-heatedly in their mission. When you support Life Network, you are supporting mothers who need the resources to say "yes" to life for their unborn child and provide that child with a strong foundation of a loving and caring home. Please join me today and sign up to do a virtual walk with The Jeff Crank Show team - which you are a part of - or give a financial donation to sponsor our team and save lives. We talk about life on the show a bunch - but this is our opportunity to put our money where our mouth is. Lisa and I are giving financially and I ask you to contribute today and then walk in your neighborhood on June 6th and walk in support of God's great gift of life.

Click Here to Join the Team